Bereavement support

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Most of us live with loss in some form or another. Loss through the death of a close loved one can be the most difficult of all, as we adjust to life without their physical presence whilst riding the emotional rollercoaster of grief. 
No matter your beliefs about the life beyond--whether you are firm believer in heaven, a skeptic, or unsure--the reality is that when a loved one's dies, they have gone out of sight. They are no longer part of our daily life. The phone doesn't ring; their Facebook page sits unaltered. There's an empty chair at the table; one less Christmas card given and received. We each have our own lists. What did your loved one's departure mean in your life?  

I do not believe there is a timetable for grief nor definite "stages." There are similarities between each of our journeys, but our journey is our own--unique to ourselves. To find life after death--our own life in the here and now, following the death of a close loved one--we should give ourselves permission to grieve and take the time we need to adjust. 

I also have the conviction that grief is a normal, human response to loss, and that while belief in the "afterlife" can bring reassurance, there is still place within the Christian faith for tears. After all, John wrote in his revelation that in heaven, "God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying."  (Revelation 21:4)  But we're not in heaven yet; for now, there is still death, sorrow and crying.  

I hope that if you are visiting these pages because of a bereavement that you will find some comfort here. I write as a doubly bereaved mother, having lost both of my dear children Catherine and Pax. 

You will also find here links to further support: Articles to read, my book, a live blog, and information about supportive retreats I lead at venues around the country.

In addition, there is a new section on Training for those who want to support other people who are living with loss.