My loved one died. That was a moment of time. But more important, my loved one lived. She moved, breathed, experienced life. She ate, she drank, she worked, she slept. She laughed, she cried, she spoke, she listened. She read, she wrote, she sang, she loved. She lived for not merely a single moment, but many moments.

There is so much more to focus upon than the moment of his or her passing. There is a life to celebrate, however short or long.


Flashes of memories

Pinpricks of light

In the dark sky of night.


Rewind the memories

Moments of time

When happiness was mine. 


Savour the memories

All that remains

Of life that was gained.


Cherish the memories

For in them we keep

Their souls—our friends who sleep.



Take a little time today to think about a happy memory. 
Write it in your journal, send it in an email,
or simply treasure it quietly in your thoughts.