Where can we find The Holy One?

Where can we see His Only Son?

The Wise Men asked, and we're asking still,

Where can we find this man of good will?


Is He far away in some distant place,

Ruling unseen from His throne of grace?

Is there nothing on earth that man can see

To give him proof of Eternity?


It's true we have never looked on His face,

But His likeness shines forth from every place,

For the Hand of God is everywhere

Along life's busy thoroughfare...


And His presence can be felt and seen

Right in the midst of our daily routine,

The things we touch and see and feel

Are what make God so very real...


The silent stars in timeless skies,

The wonderment in children's eyes,

The gossamer wings of a hummingbird,

The joy that comes from a kindly word...


The autumn haze, the breath of spring,

The chirping song the crickets sing,

A rosebud in a slender vase,

A smile upon a friendly face...


In everything both great and small

We see the Hand Of God In All,

And every day, somewhere, someplace,

We see The Likeness Of His Face...


For who can watch a new day's birth

Or touch the warm, life-giving earth,

Or feel the softness of the breeze

Or look at skies through lacy trees

And say they've never seen His face

Or looked upon His throne of grace!


(Author unknown)