Happy Easter!

O Voice of the Beloved!
Thy Bride hath heard Thee say, --
"Rise up, My love, My fair one,
Arise & come away.
For lo, 'tis past, the winter,
The winter of thy year;
The rain is past & over,
The flowers on earth appear.

"And now the time of singing
Is come for every bird;
And over all the country
The turtle dove is heard:
The fig her green fruit ripens,
The vines are in their bloom;
Arise & smell their fragrance,
My love, My fair one, come!"

Yea, Lord! Thy Passion over,
We know this life of ours
Hath pass'd from death & winter
To leaves & budding flowers:
No more Thy rain of weeping
In drear Gethsemane;
No more the clouds & darkness,
That veil'd Thy bitter Tree.

Our Easter Sun is risen!
And yet we slumber long,
And need Thy Dove's sweeet pleading
To waken prayer & song.
Oh breathe upon our deadness,
Oh shine upon our gloom;
Lord, let us feel Thy Presence,
And rise & live & bloom.

--J. Mason in "Hymns, Ancient & Modern", published by William Clowes, 1924.